Alyson Hannigan Sex Tape
Alyson Hannigan Sex Tape
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The Alyson Hannigan sex tape shows a woman that looks suspiciously like Alyson Hannigan performing oral sex on a man and letting him cum in her mouth and on her face!  She denies the existence of the sex tape, but who would admit to that?  The tape was made before Hannigan became famous and is often sought after when Alyson hit the big time with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and most notably American Pie.

Alyson Hannigan was raised in Atlanta and is of Jewish and Irish descent.  She really began her career in 1985 after a move to LA.  Her first film was in 1988, a science fiction comedy.  Seth Green was also a costar in the film.  By 1997 she was cast in Buffy as Willow Rosenberg where she gained a lot of recognition. She has also been in How I Met Your Mother, and in the recognized film Date Movie in 2006.  Hannigan is now in her late 30's and living in Southern California.

Alyson is well known for her girl next door cute appearance and obviously she enjoys good dirty sex too!  After watching this Alyson Hannigan sex tape we'd have to say it's a pretty good quality tape.  Hannigan may not be a huge name star, but this one is worth the price of admission with all of the other videos that are available with these celebrity sex tape memberships.  The video shows her on her back pleasuring this guys balls while he gets ready to blow his load on her tongue and in her mouth.  We'd say it's good stuff!

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